What are the design characteristics of an effective loyalty program

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Review of “Effects of Loyalty Programs” (by Yi & Jeon, 2003)

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Six characteristics of effective Customer Experience

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Customer loyalty from IBM and Siebel

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The authors present, in their opinion, what an effective loyalty program should look like and they give a broad overview of loyalty programs. Nunes and Dréze list five characteristics or components they believe all customer loyalty programs should have.

Four Common Traits of Successful Loyalty Programs

their customers and their communities. We specialize in customer loyalty marketing. Design/methodology/approach – To illustrate the approach, the paper presents a case study of T&T Supermarkets in Canada to show how a retailer can develop a cost‐effective customer loyalty program to retain and reward loyal customers so as to increase shopping frequency and shopping expenditure.

Manage the complete loyalty lifecycle. Customer loyalty from IBM and Siebel is the industry's first packaged enterprise loyalty solution. We can help you determine how a loyalty program can provide your company with competitive advantage in your industry.

Nov 19,  · Article: The Impact of an Item-Based Loyalty Program on Consumer Purchase Behavior This particular study focuses on switching to a new kind of LP design – the item-based loyalty program (IBLP). This design replaces general price discounts with reward promotions based on.

Creating a loyalty program is a complex, resource-consuming process that requires a number of conditions to be fulfilled. A customer loyalty program is a program run by a company that offers benefits to frequent customers. Those benefits may be in the form of discounts, rebates, free products, or other promotions.

What are the design characteristics of an effective loyalty program
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