The status of media in communist cuba

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Communist Party of Cuba

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Who will succeed Raul Castro?

Heightened tensions best characterize cracking relations between Cuba and the Soviet Something throughout the Gorbachev era. Officially, Cuba is a socialist country with the intent of becoming communist. Its laws allow for only one party to exist: the Cuban Communist Party.

So, you could say that the country is ruled by a Communist ideology, though its government admits that it hasn't yet built an entirely Communist society. Feb 04,  · Fidel Castro is beloved by many for winning Cuba's independence from the dictatorship of Batista, and loathed by many for keeping the country out of the global economic and political mainstream.

Cuba is an island country in the Caribbean country is made up of the big island of Cuba, the Isla de la Juventud island (Isle of Youth), and many smaller islands. Havana is the capital of Cuba.

Cuba country profile

It is the largest city. The second largest city is Santiago de Spanish, the capital is called "La Habana".

Cuba is near the United States, Mexico, Haiti, Jamaica and the Bahamas. Cuba is a one-party communist state that outlaws political pluralism, represses dissent, and severely restricts freedoms of the press, assembly, speech, and association.

The government of Raúl Castro, who succeeded his brother Fidel as president inmonopolizes the bulk of economic activity within centralized and inefficient state.

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Leading Newspapers Three national periodicals circulate in Cuba. The newspaper with the largest circulation is Granma, which since its founding in has served as the official news organ of the Communist other two national publications are Juventud Rebelde and Trabajadores.

The status of media in communist cuba
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