The invasive species of the walking catfish

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you can do to help prevent introducing walking catfish and other invasive fish species: Learn how to correctly identify walking catfish and other invasive species. Do not release aquarium fish into the wild.

If you have a walking catfish in an aquarium, it must be euthanized. IT IS THE. We would also remind all members to ensure the new gate at the bottom of the track leading to Broom Lake and the Alcove Syndicate is left closed and locked at all times.

The walking catfish is a major invasive species in the U.S. state of Florida.

Walking catfish

The walking catfish is native to Asia, common in ponds and freshwater fish farms from Pakistan to the Philippines.

The fish's ability to survive in stagnant water makes it a valuable source of food, especially in Southeast Asia. The impacts from this opportunist feeder are probably most pronounced in small, isolated wetland ponds where walking catfish quickly consume or out-compete other resident populations to become the dominant species in the pond.

10 of most invasive fish species in the world Most of these species are so destructive that they are listed on the Global Invasive Species Database of of the World's Worst Walking catfish.

The invasive species of the walking catfish
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