The importance of primary sources to students

The Importance of Teaching Handwriting

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Atrocities in East Prussia, 1914

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Primary Sources

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The Common Core Learning Standards describe the importance of teaching students how to comprehend informational text. They are asked to read closely, make inferences, cite evidence, analyze arguments and interpret words and phrases as they are used in a text.

Primary source documents are artifacts.

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While explaining to your students the value and importance of primary sources is one approach, combining that explanation with a few activities designed to show, rather than tell, students their importance can be invaluable.

Just days after the Greensboro sit-in, students from American Baptist Theologic Seminary, Fisk University, Meharry Medical College, and Tennessee A&I begin confronting segregation in Nashville TN. This a introductory bibliography of some the primary sources which have information on the medieval fortification of England and Wales.

Strictly speaking most of these sources are edited transcripts and, often, translations of the original handwritten documents, which are precious and difficult to access. Eutrophication (from Greek eutrophos, "well-nourished"), or hypertrophication, is when a body of water becomes overly enriched with minerals and nutrients that induce excessive growth of plants and algae.

This process may result in oxygen depletion of the water body. One example is the "bloom" or great increase of phytoplankton in a water body as a response to increased levels of nutrients.

Primary sources expose students to multiple perspectives on great issues of the past and present. These help students develop knowledge, skills, and analytical abilities.

When dealing directly with primary sources, students engage in asking questions, thinking critically, making intelligent.

The importance of primary sources to students
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