The historical epidemic that killed large population in the past

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List of epidemics

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10 Deadliest Epidemics in History. October 4, By Cherry. The most infamous epidemic in history, the Black Death, wiped out almost half the population of Europe. Could a present-day equivalent rear its head? smallpox killed 30% of the total population of the Northwest Coast of America, yielding a body count in the tens of.

The history of smallpox extends into pre-history; The epidemic killed 25, inhabitants, one third of the total population in that same area.

Inan outbreak occurred in South Africa after a ship from India docked at Cape Town, bringing infected laundry ashore. Cort├ęs would not return to the capital until August In the.

The 10 Worst Epidemics In History

This epidemic changed the course of European history. The lack of understanding of the origin of the disease led the Christian population to blame the Jewish population of poisoning the water wells, as a result of this accusation, thousands of Jews were killed.

Deadly Diseases: Epidemics throughout history A smallpox epidemic killed between 5 and 8 million of the native population in the following two years. Over the next century, less than 2 million. The 10 Worst Epidemics In History The Plague of Justinian, an epidemic that afflicted the Eastern Roman Empire, claimed nearly 10,00,00, lives.

The bacteria yersinia pestis was responsible for the Bubonic Plague, or the Black Plague. Died in flu epidemic September 27, (Naval History and Heritage Command) and the potential use of Big Data for infectious disease surveillance and forecast.

Dr. Lone Simonsen is a.

The historical epidemic that killed large population in the past
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How historical disease detectives are solving the mysteries of the World War I flu epidemic