The gezi park protest

Gezi Park protest trial: Turkish court acquits all 26 defendants

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Remembering the Gezi Park protests and the dream of a different Turkey

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Gezi Park protests

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Gezi Park protests

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Timeline of the Gezi Park protests

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On May 28th,a small group of environmentalists occupying Gezi Park, in Istanbul’s Taksim Square, were challenged by police who teargassed activists and set fire to their tents. The protests, which had been ongoing since April, had originated in opposition to plans for razing the park in.

Jun 16,  · Die türkische Polizei hat in Istanbul den seit zwei Wochen von Demonstranten besetzten Gezi-Park gestürmt. Die Sicherheitskräfte gingen mit Wasserkanonen und.

A year after the protests, Gezi Park nurtures the seeds of a new Turkey

Earlier in the day, Erdogan's ruling party announced that the government would suspend its plan to cut down trees in Gezi Park and install a replica Ottoman barracks until the courts could rule on. Protesters at Istanbul's Gezi Park in June last year, at the height of the unrest.

Photograph: Bulent Kilic/AFP/Getty Images As the former head gardener of Gezi Park for 20 years, Cemal Özay, The protests began as a local protest against a plan to redevelop Gezi Park, but snowballed into nationwide anti-government protests after the perceived high-handed response of the authorities.

A Turkish court has acquitted all 26 defendants on trial for their involvement in the Gezi protests in the summer of Most of the defendants are members of the Taksim Solidarity Platform, an.

The gezi park protest
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