The efforts that president lincoln made during the reconstruction period after the civil war

American Civil War

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Reconstruction era

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The Politics and Economics of Reconstruction

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Lincoln at Cooper Union: The Speech That Made Abraham Lincoln President (Simon & Schuster Lincoln Library) [Harold Holzer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Winner of the Lincoln Prize Lincoln at Cooper Union explores Lincoln's most influential and widely reported pre-presidential address -- an extraordinary appeal.

In the last years of the s, Arkansas enjoyed an economic boom that was unparalleled in its history. But in the years between andthe bloody and destructive Civil War destroyed that prosperity.

Philip Leigh contributed twenty-four articles to The New York Times Disunion blog, which commemorated the Civil War Sesquicentennial. Westholme Publishing released three of Phil’s three Civil War books to date: Lee’s Lost Dispatch and Other Civil War Controversies () Trading With the Enemy () Co.

Aytch: Illustrated and Annotated (). Phil has lectured a various Civil War. President Abraham Lincoln was concerned to effect a speedy restoration of the Confederate states to the Union after the Civil War. InPresident Lincoln proposed a moderate plan for the Reconstruction of the captured Confederate State of American Civil War.

During Reconstruction, Tennessee was at the forefront of political and social change; as a result, the state also experienced the backlash against the stunning transformations that took place during the war and its aftermath. The Union victory in the Civil War in may have given some 4 million slaves their freedom, but the process of rebuilding the South during the Reconstruction period () introduced a new.

The efforts that president lincoln made during the reconstruction period after the civil war
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