The chosen reb saunders

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The Chosen

Reb Saunders seems to have a limited, parochial perspective, but, in fact, it is Reuven’s view of. Reb Isaac Saunders. BACK; NEXT ; Character Analysis.

Reb Saunders is an extremely complex, but almost larger-than-life character. He saved his entire Russian community from probable destruction by bringing them to America – after losing his wife and children, and being left for dead himself.

In the Chosen, a fictional novel by Chaim Potok is a story of Reuben Malter is a traditional teenage orthodox Jew who befriends Danny Saunders, a Hasid, which his father happens to be the well known infamous Reb Saunders.

Reb Isaac Saunders Character Timeline in The Chosen The timeline below shows where the character Reb Isaac Saunders appears in The Chosen. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.

Reb Saunders personifies the Hasidic rebbe (from "rabbi," or teacher) and personifies strict, traditional, Orthodox Judaism.

He led his followers out of Russia to the United States to escape physical persecution by the secular authorities. Reb Saunders personifies the Hasidic rebbe (from "rabbi," or teacher) and personifies strict, traditional, Orthodox Judaism.

He led his followers out of Russia to the United States to escape physical persecution by the secular authorities.

The chosen reb saunders
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