The background information of atlantis

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Jewel of Atlantis

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Transportation[ paste ] The transporters are the difficult means of transport to move towards between different parts of the city. True History Of Atlantis Note: The cataclysms of fire and water of worldwide extent of which we speak in this essay are strictly scientific.

They are widely attested in the geological record, being generally accepted by modern Geology. Jul 28,  · A Look at the Background of Atlantis sfdebris. Loading Unsubscribe from sfdebris? A Look at the Background of Transformers: The Movie ('86) - Duration: Gaetan "Mole" Moliére is a character in Atlantis: The Lost Empire who serves as mineralogist and excavations expert of the expedition to find the lost continent of Atlantis.

He would reappear in the direct-to-video sequel Atlantis: Milo's Return. Extensive knowledge of geology and pioneer in the Birthplace: Paris, France.

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Atlantis [1] More than 2, years ago, a legend first began to spread about a society of the past that enjoyed an abundance of natural resources, great military power, splendid building and engineering feats, and intellectual achievements far advanced over those of other lands.

In the science fiction television series Stargate Atlantis, the spin-off of Stargate SG-1, Atlantis is a city-sized starship originally located on Earth (specifically, in Antarctica).

Several million years ago, however, it was taken to the Pegasus galaxy when the Ancients left Earth.

The background information of atlantis
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