An examination of the concept of god

Philosophy of Religion

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The Spiritual Crisis of Man: An Examination of the Concept and the Experience of God

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A Detailed Catholic Examination of Conscience

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Mere Christianity: An Examination of the Concept in Richard Baxter & C. S. Lewis (Part 2)

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Conceptions of God

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This book is based upon a detailed and critical examination of Iqbal's concept of God as expounded in Chapter II of The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam.

His concept of God is a finite (panentheistic) one and is based largely upon Iqbal's reading of Western philosophy (Hegel, Whitehead and Bergson).

Iqbal's Concept of God

Home SharperIron Forums Principles & Consequences Theology & Methodology Mere Christianity: An Examination of the Concept in Richard Baxter & C. S. Lewis (Part 2) Mere Christianity: An Examination of the Concept in Richard Baxter & C.

S. Lewis (Part 2) By similar, context Baxter said, “All our worship of God is sinfully imperfect, and. All of them begin with the concept of God and conclude that God must exist. If successful, ontological arguments prove that God’s non-existence is impossible.

Anselm argues that God is a being than which none greater can be conceived. This detailed Catholic examination of conscience should help you reflect on how you are responding to the demands made by the love of God.

Sometimes it’s necessary to use a shorter list. The Our Sunday Visitor Web site has a good brief Catholic examination of conscience (opens in a new window). An examination of the origins and development of the concept of the people of God as a source of theological authority in the thought of Thomas C.

Oden. Over time the concept of the deity developed by the Israelites, the ONE GOD, has evolved and has taken in the influences of the Zoroastrians in Mesopotamia and then the Greeks and Romans in Europe.

The Greek Philosophers worked with the idea of perfection and the single source of all things as being all perfect and all good.

An examination of the concept of god
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