An argument in favor of the active euthanasia with the approval of the patient or family members in

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Euthanasia and assisted suicide - EAS - doesn't just affect the individual. What hasn't been discussed very much, at least in the media, is the effect it.

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Passive euthanasia is also legal if a patient is incapacitated from making the decision to die, like being in a coma, as long as three family members all agree on the decision together and give legal consent.

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The court was unequivocal in saying that, in as much as the doctors and family members of a patient are consulted in making a decision on whether or not to institute life-sustaining procedures on patients such as Dr Clarke, it can never be said that the external decision maker has a right to impose death.

An argument in favor of the active euthanasia with the approval of the patient or family members in
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