An analysis of the topic of the general strike of 1926

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One may consist his spirit, but not his wisdom. Wing you are in the thick of a short there is a balanced exhilaration that keeps you going. Other articles where General Strike of is discussed: Stanley Baldwin: When the miners went on strike (May 4, ) and they were supported with sympathetic strikes in other vital industries, Baldwin proclaimed a state of emergency, organized volunteers to maintain essential services, and refused to negotiate further with labour until the strike was called off (it ended May 12, The General Strike of was an unmitigated disaster.

Not merely for Labour but for England. Churchill and other militants in the cabinet were eager for a strike, knowing that they had built a national organisation in the six months' grace won by. Seattle General Strike topic. The Seattle General Strike of was a five-day general work stoppage by more than 65, workers in the city of Seattle, Washington, which lasted from February 6 to February 11 of that year.

Dissatisfied workers in several unions began the strike to gain higher wages after two years of World War I wage controls.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to United Kingdom general strike. The General Strike at Spartacus Educational; Ten Days in the Class War A socialist analysis of the strike by the Socialist Party of England and Wales General. - Strike as an Attempted Revolution The General Strike of May was the biggest industrial stoppage in British history.

This showdown between the TUC and the British Government was presented by the latter as a trial of strength between the representatives of free democracy and revolutionary bully-boys.

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An analysis of the topic of the general strike of 1926
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