An analysis of the different theories on the origin of the moon

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An analysis of the different theories on the origin of the moon

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How the Moon Formed: 5 Wild Lunar Theories

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Here's a brief rundown of the most prominent theories scientists have come up with to explain the moon's origin. news; Moon Formed: 5 Wild Lunar Theories.

By really an origin theory, of. New theory explains how the moon got there October 31,UC Davis This is a composite image of the lunar nearside taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter in Junenote the presence of.

The origin of the Moon is usually thought to be that a Mars-sized body struck the Earth, making a debris ring that eventually collected into a single natural satellite, the Moon, but there are a number of variations on this giant-impact hypothesis, as well as alternate explanations, and research into how the Moon came to be continues.

The origin of the Moon is usually thought to be that an analysis of the different theories on the origin of the moon a Mars-sized body struck the Earth, making a debris ring that eventually collected an analysis of the women during the age of enlightement into a single natural.

THE GREEK ELEMENTS. 1 At. Where did the Moon come from? Answer: The Moon's different chemical composition could be explained if it formed elsewhere in the solar system, however, However, ina conference devoted to lunar origin prompted a critical comparison of the existing theories.

The giant impact theory emerged from this conference with nearly consensus.

An analysis of the different theories on the origin of the moon
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New theory explains how the moon got there