Activity 3 what happened to the fev1 as the radius of the airway was decreased

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Q: Assuming laminar flow through a tube, how much does flow through a tube decrease if the radius of the tube decreases to one-third of its original value? The lungs are not able to inhale or exhale as much as in Activity 2 3.

What is the effect of reducing the radius of the air flow tube on respiratory volumes? The air flow was decreasing, which decreased the respiratory volume.

Your answer: b. ERV d. RV g. FEV1 h. FEV1 (%) Predict Question 2: During an acute asthma attack, airway resistance is significantly increased by (1) increased thick mucous secretions and (2) airway smooth muscle spasms.

What was the FEV1 (%) at the initial radius of mm? ___ 4. What happened to the FEV1 (%) as the radius of the airways decreased?

How well did the results compare with your prediction? ___ 5.

Effects Of Acupuncture And Electroacupuncture On Immune Responses And Pulmonary Functions In Horses

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Activity 3 what happened to the fev1 as the radius of the airway was decreased
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