A study on the behavior pattern of ict using student participants from the secondary school in bangk

Cross-sectional study of use of electronic media by secondary school students in Bangkok, Thailand

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October – 2011

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Feb 14,  · Assess the use of all types of electronic media among secondary school students in Bangkok, Thailand. Methods A stratified random sample of students from four schools in Bangkok completed a modified version of a questionnaire used in a major study in the United States.

This study intend to study the influence of ICT on students academic performance in Biology in secondary schools in Calabar Municipality. Only secondary schools within Calabar Municipality are studied with a sample of only six (6) selected out of all the others in the study area.

New Zealand schools have been using ICT, especially computers, for more than two decades yet there is a lack of research in the secondary school area. of how and if, these technologies are being integrated into the curriculum. Summary of Impact “ Southern Innovator to People are the real wealth of a nation.” UNDP Human Development Report Southern Innovator (SI) is the world’s first magazine to connect innovation and human development.5/5(1).

The present study examined the association between weapon carrying and related risk behaviors among Thai adolescents. A cross-sectional study of 2, high school and vocational school students aged 11 to 19 years from 26 schools in Bangkok, Thailand, was conducted in Jan 31,  · Background factors were collected to describe the study group and to adjust for in the multivariate analysis, including: relationship status: single or in a relationship; highest completed educational level: elementary school (basic schooling for year-olds), upper secondary school, or college or university studies; and occupation: working, studying, or other (other included being on long .

A study on the behavior pattern of ict using student participants from the secondary school in bangk
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