A look at the negative stigma of mental health

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Stigma and discrimination

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‘Attention Seeking’ and Mental Illness Stigma

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Stigma occurs as a result of stereotypes and negative perceptions and is often associated with mental health conditions.

Stigma can occur both externally and internally (self-stigma), and is a major barrier that may prevent an individual from seeking help for what is often a very treatable condition. Nov 24,  · There is a negative stigma surrounding mental health. This negative view surrounding people seeking help, is destructive, unproductive, and taking lives.

Mental health stigma is of great interest to me personally. I have a diagnosis and work as a mental health professional in a regional city in Queensland. Seriously, I believe that we should feel sympathetic to those people who hold a stigma against people with a mental health diagnosis.

Important factors that affect a situational response to stigma include collective representations that are primed in that situation, the person's perception of the legitimacy of stigma in the situation, and the person's identification with the larger group of individuals with mental illness.

In the black community, there is a negative stigma surrounding mental health. Instead of seeking professional help for conditions such as depression and anxiety, many in the community resort to self-medication (drugs, opioids, alcohol, etc.) or isolation in an attempt to solve their problems on their own.

Public stigma is the reaction that the general population has to people with mental illness. Self-stigma is the prejudice which people with mental illness turn against themselves. Both public and self-stigma may be understood in terms of three components: stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination.

A look at the negative stigma of mental health
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Mental Health Stigma: Society, Individuals, and the Profession