A history of the speed sport competitions triathlons

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Ironman Triathlon

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Secret triathlon training shortcuts to improve your race speed

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10 things you need to know about Ironman triathlons

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Ironman Triathlon

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Rules of society[ edit ] See also:. Looking for Texas Triathlon results from February ?

Triathlon Turns 40: A Brief History

unavocenorthernalabama.com has all the answers including a comprehensive historical and current directory of triathlon results from the US. TriathlonWhile three sport athletic competitions had been held prior to the s, the first triathlon that included a sequence of swim, bicycle, and run events over set distances took place in Mission Bay, California, in With its easy access to the Pacific Ocean and excellent bicycling opportunities, the Mission Bay event had grown as a natural.

History of Triathlons. (IUTA), which sanctions events in distances even greater than those of the Ironman competitions. Triathlons were finally made a part of the Olympic Games, first appearing in the Sydney Games in The Early History of The Sport. Receive discounts. Join our newsletter.

Name; Email; Categories. WETSUITS. Founded by several friends over two decades ago, the sport of triathlon is booming today. An endurance event usually comprised of a swim, bike and run, triathlons are now held worldwide, come in many lengths and types and have even made it to the Olympics.

Typical triathlons, such as the Ironman, require athletes to swim miles, cycle miles and run in that order without a break; the half-Ironman, of course, cuts everything in half.

Triathlon results in New Jersey | includes a variety of races: Ironman triathlon, Olympics triathlon, Womens triathlon, obstacle runs and more.

A history of the speed sport competitions triathlons
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