A glimpse into the world of virtual reality

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Virtual Reality at Sundance Offers a Glimpse Into the Future

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Virtual reality glimpse into the future - a festival must Hurtling years - via a virtual reality experience - into an imagined future Wellington where climate change and quakes have blitzed the city ¬¬is one of the creative ways Massey University is making a mark at an upcoming Festival for the Future.

Subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher Radio or TuneIn. How does someone up to his eyeballs in the world of virtual reality and entrepreneurship find time to pursue his passions, particularly when his passions involve learning data science, particularly in the area of AI?

The new film Ready Player One provides a glimpse into a futuristic concept of immersive virtual reality. Set inthe movie tells the story of a hidden game within a connected and interactive virtual reality platform in which characters can meet to escape from the hardship of their real-life city slums.

A Glimpse To The Future of Virtual Reality October 22, July 19, Andrew Jones Virtual reality is still in its baby stages but it’s already got many into certain debates regarding its future.

A Glimpse To The Future of Virtual Reality

A Glimpse into the Future of Virtual Reality Movies Virtual reality movies will change the way we see ourselves and the world. Virtual reality has found a home in mainstream entertainment, but you won’t find virtual reality movies in a theater. Virtual reality movies thrust you into the action in.

Oklahoma State University's first inaugural "Virtual + Augmented Reality Hackathon" hosted January by the Mixed Reality Lab in the university's College of Human Sciences gave students and the community a chance to tackle real-world problems using augmented and virtual reality tools, while offering researchers a glimpse into the ways teams.

A glimpse into the world of virtual reality
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